Dr.Wang Zhi Xiang
Prima Forma Prima Parte
Principles & Applications
Chronologie Dr Wang
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   prepare for peng left-1     prepare for peng left-2

Taiji is following many principles, however not just applying techniques. Many people do always just techniques when they perform the form. In fact, while walking through the form, people need to focus not only on techniques but also on force, energy and intention.

Dr. Wang shows as part of standard langform Part-1 some Principles & Applications. He says even the very beginning, the part-1 of the first form, has already everything in or not, depending on your mind set and imagination. In Taiji we are ready all the time doing an application, not like Shaolin Gong Fu, where one technique is applied after the other

You have to think about ‘let the water flow’ not about technique.




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